x-OSC module associated with switches + 3D prints of supports at LiSiLoG

The choice of this x-OSC Wifi module was made because of its ease of use and configuration. He creates his own network visible from his computer or any other SHC… It is configured through a simple web browser when connected to his network. From this same module, you can also imagine extensions and adapt it to your needs.

A support specifically designed by LiSiLoG, printed in 3D allows via a ball joint to adjust the reference position of the gravity sensors according to its grip of the guitar. It also allows to fix the battery and is associated with it a small box composed of 6 switches allowing to control the states of the program used.

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    Custom developed app from MaxMSP + FAUST by LiSiLoG

    MaxMSP allows you to create music applications with specific complex interfaces. Once completed, these applications can be distributed without requiring the purchase of a license (free of charge as for the LWS software created and distributed by LiSiLoG).

    FAUST is an OpenSource language developed by the GRAME research team to perform audio signal processing. It has been used since its inception by computer music producer Christophe Lebreton in order to perpetuate its developments associated with musical creation. Faust is a high level language allowing to deploy the same code to a large number of architectures.


      All musicians interested in new violin making and musical approaches through gesture. This workshop can be supervised by Camel Zekri and / or Gilles Laval. For the design, production and experimentation part of new approaches via these technologies, this workshop can be supervised by Chritophe Lebreton.

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      Project Archives

      09-2020_ Ars Electronica

      Concert :

      • ARS ELECTRONICA – Kepler’s Garden
      • Gnawa Machine
      • Camel Zekri (FR), Marc Chemillier (FR)
      • Camel Zekri utilise le “Motion Guitare” et en fait désormais une de ses signatures. Il est toujours à la recherche de nouvelles expériences pour transformer son propre son et/ou celui des autres via ce système associé à des logicielles que LiSiLoG lui développe spécialement sur mesure.


      02-2020_ Scène Nationale 61 - Mortagne au perche

      Concert 14 février 2020 :

      03-2020_ Institut du Monde Arabe - Paris

      Concert 06 Mars 2020 :

      02-2020_ Trident Scène National - Cherbourg

      Concert 11 février 2020 :


      10-2019 - Mondial creation - Ermitage Studio - Paris

      29th October :

      12-2018 - foreshadowing of a prototype produced by Christophe Lebreton of what was to become of the "GuitarMotion"

      Duo Augmented Guitars

      14th December 2018 –  Antoine Duhamel Concert Hall – Lyon – FR

      Before this concert, a workshop was organized with the guitar students of Gilles Laval, from the music school of Villeurbanne – FR