Exhibitions News

“Disfluxion” at Ampère Museum

of Zakahamida

4th june 2022 – Poleymieux au Mont d’Or – France

as part of the Ampère festival

Concerts News

Concert – France

Virtual Rhizome

with Meng-fu Hsieh, “Time Travel”

3 May 22 – Renaissance Theater – Lyon

Workshops News


with Jean Geoffroy, Xavier Garcia & Christophe Lebreton

from 1st to 20th August 2022 – Royaumont Abbey – FRANCE

Workshops News

Light Wall System

avec Jean Geoffroy

mars 2022 Théâtre –  Mantes La Jolie

avril 2022 Auditorium Conservatoire –  Issy les Moulinaux

juin 2022 Salle Musée du Moulage – Lyon

New Lutheries

Light Wall System

interactive Motion Sound System

Smart Hand Computer


News Colloquiums

“Multimodal notation and artistic creation from body movement : between music and dance”

of Vera Potapova

18th june 2022 – BARCELONA

TENOR2022 7th International COnference on Technologies for Music Notation and Representation


of Vincent Carinola & Jean Geoffroy

11 mai 2022 – Marseille FRANCE

Passages XX-XXI laboratory seminar

” to be defined “

Vera Geslin & Vincent Carinola & Zakahamida

2nd june 2022 – Lyon –  FR


“VRhizome” iOS application – Apple Store

Virtual Rhizome


Vincent Raphaël Carinola

Projects archive

International Light Festival 2022 – Taiwan

with Zakahamida

23th dec 21 to 28th feb 22th

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Kinetic Art & Haiku

with Christophe Lebreton alias Zakahamida

24th to 28th January 22

Workshop St Louis St Bruno – Lyon

Colloquium – France

“Listening, Writing Resonance: Between Music and Philosophy”

17th – 19th nov 2021 – Lyon

Master’s / Doctorate research seminar – France

“The work of art of yesterday, today and the future”

Jean Geoffroy’s point of view

23th march 2022 – Lyon

Exhibition – Russia


of Zakahamida

from 12th oct 2021 – Solyanka – Moscow

Show – Creation – France


of Camel Zekri

30th sept 2021 – théâtre L’Ilyade

8th oct 2021 – les Quai des Arts – Argentan

Teaching – France

Sound coding

with Christophe Lebreton

Autumn 2021 – Bachelors 2 & 3 – UCLY Lyon

Opera – Italia


of Kaija Saariaho

18th sept 2021 – 19h – Theater Malibran – La Biennale di Venezia

WorkShop – Russia

Light Wall System

with Jean Geoffroy

10th-11th oct 2021 –

Thaikovsky National Conservatory – Moscow

Exhibition – Norway


of Sissel Tolaas

9th oct 2021 – Astrup Fearnley Museet – Oslo

Colloque – Russie


« De la résonance naturelle à l’amplification : une aspiration à l’immersion », Muriel Joubert, Université Lumière Lyon 2, Laboratoire Passages XX-XXI.

« Audioécologie et sonification des données. La naissance de “l’art du son” ». Andrey Smirnov, Centre de Musique Électroacoustique du Conservatoire National de Moscou Thaikovski.

« LiSiLog: Laboratoire d’Interprète / Scénographie Instrumentale». Vera Geslin, Jean Geoffroy, Christophe Lebreton, association LiSiLog.

11 oct 2021 – Conservatoire National Tchaikovsky – Moscou

Concert – Russia

LiSiLoG Collective

with Yui Sakagoshi, Meng-fu Hsieh,

Axel Poulsen, Sami Naslin,

Jean Geoffroy and Christophe Lebreton

Oct 13, 2021 – Thaikovsky National Conservatory – Moscow