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The stage as an instrument, re-defining this location

LiSiLoG is an association benefiting from a fifteen year artistic and technological collaboration between Jean Geoffroy and Christophe Lebreton.

Over these fifteen years, they gave numerous concerts all around the world and collaborated with many composers and National Center of Music Creation.
These years allowed them to imagine, create and develop new interfaces and question the role of the interpreter in a constantly renewed technological and artistic environment.
Wondering about the role of the interpreter also means re-defining the body-instrument as well as the stage space, the instrumental scenography, the creation process and the pedagogical and mediation bridges.

The assistance offered by LiSiLoG, will take different forms, depending on the projects:
Residences of creation and development with artists / performers.
Training seminars focusing on new lutheries or technologies.
Exhibition productions, concerts …

Imagining new relationships with the audience through interactive installations, new tools of production and dissemination and always favoring the act of the interpreter.

Imagining new editing modes associated with these new repertoires.
Rethinking the writing of some pieces and liking it to the form and the movement
Placing transmission towards the greatest number at the center of this approach, through new interfaces and applications.

Giving the interpreter a major role again and doing so by favouring the poetry, the magic and the secret of the interpretation.
These are the ambitions of LiSiLoG : texts, information on current and past projects, on the work of dissemination and transmission.

Lisilog is online on our website : www.lisilog.com, and you will be able to find the three sections that are the heart of our approach: 
Technological and Artistic Innovation & Transmission
LiSiLoG is also on Facebook @ Lisi Log