The musician must be here and now. This is probably the point at which we need to rethink our approach as a teacher. Go to the sound, and from improvisations tame it through the innate movements of the body. Re-learn to listen to both the sound emitted but also the space and time in which it is played. Space of the stage that itself becomes an instrument, the moment of the concert that pushes us to surpass ourselves.

Transmission through listening is, at first, at the heart of our approach, and then comes the time of transmission through writing; be able to “gommer”, to take the same idea to develop it, to take it further and us with, to ultimately make sure that others can appropriate it in turn.

Endless loop that that of transmission where we find ourselves in turn taught and teacher.



In this section, you will find articles published in various journals, and research work (master’s thesis or theses) around the interpreter report and new technologies.

New Technologies & Communications

New technologies encourage us to imagine other approaches to the scene as a performer, and also to transmission as a teacher. Download

Innovatives - Tools

New interfaces and creation – Towards a new composer/performer relationship – Download

Interview Momeludies

Interview on the notion of writing, and its place in artistic projects around the new violins following the project around the Light Wall System conducted at the primary school of Chambery the Old. Download


The gesture in the musical work music and movement – Download


Here you will find communications made at seminars, seminars, meetings around the place of the interpreter, new perspectives related to the use of new computer violins.