Transfigured Energy #3

Performances around 6 interactive and performative installations coordinated by Jean Geoffroy, imagined, conceived and developed

by students of Taipei-Research-Lab # 3

(students from different departments of the university: New Media – Design dpt / Prof.Wang- Dance – Music and Composition dpt /  coordinated by Hsin-Hsuan Wu & Mei-Fang Lin

3 days of exhibition and performances / September 27-28-29 .

Open to the public for a curious and attentive stroll, perambulation punctuated by musical and dance performances. With Hsin-Hsuan Mei Wu-Fang Lin Mr Wang

"VRhizome" for iOS

The edition of the “VRhizome” SHC application to play Vincent Raphaël CARINOLA‘s “Virtual Rhizome” is now available on the Apple Store

Expo "Signs and Sounds All Around"

in St Petersburg – ERARTA museum – from 13 June to 6 October 2019


Workshop "Smartland"

CPES ARTS – St Louis – St Bruno – January 2019

Expo "Musica Mobile"

Taipei Fine Art Museum from April 13 to July 14, 2019