On stage, it’s about living a moment and not playing it, that’s the difference between a performer, even a virtuoso, and a musician. It is the difference between thinking of the stage as a space of representation, or the stage as a space for encounters. Meetings between musicians or artists of all disciplines, but also encounters with the (the) public.

As an interpreter it is always possible to “hide” behind our know-how, our virtuosity… Here, whether with the LWS or the use of SHC, know-how and virtuosity are transformed into listening, presence, conviction, incarnation, precisely because there is no technique, tradition, school, or method. These are to be invented, to be re-invented constantly, as every time we play or replay a work. Rethinking our relationship to the body, to movement, to carry and to be carried by the sound we produce, to surprise ourselves with this renewed listening.



Backtracking on projects and events shared by children, students, elementary school to university and arts schools…

Chambéry "Oreilles en boucle"

23 children under 10 – 12 projects – 3 meeting moments – a Festival

How will children take ownership of the LWS ?

That was the question because from the beginning, it was a question of children being composers and performers of their own pieces!


Light Wall System at TNUA

In art as in pedagogy, nothing is decreed and it took us several years before we set up the Taipei-Research-Lab at the National University of the Arts in Taipei, a place of meetings and cross-breeding of the various actors and disciplines associated with the live show. Download